Why your bullbird Neck Pillow works at home too!

Why your bullbird Neck Pillow works at home too!

Thinking about traveling anytime soon? Neither are we. Not even short distances, let alone on a long flight. 

Like most businesses that are able to let their staff work remotely in light of the COVID-19 outbreak, our team members are staying home to work. 

Working from home inevitably means how we work will change - stretched out on a couch to code or read emails or seated on a bed to take calls. In our new work environments, how we sit will ultimately affect how our bodies feel and good feeling bodies can help calm anxiety. 

While the bullbird Neck Pillow was designed to be used in an airline seat with a high back, we’ve been encouraging our customers for the last year to use them on a couch while you work, in bed while you read, or while lying flat on your back to take a nap. 

Our Neck Pillows needs time to adjust to your upper shoulders, neck, and head. The tri-blend memory foam that makes up our pillow needs time to conform to you before it feels supportive without you feeling the alignment and posture corrections in real-time. 

People who don't like our Neck Pillow usually have one (BIG) thing in common - it didn’t work for them and felt uncomfortable when they tried to use it for the first time on a long flight. That’s equivalent to going for a run for the first time in ages and sprinting the first half mile - it’s going to hurt for most people because your body is not trained. 

We recommend using the pillow in short time increments and working up to longer sessions before you take it on a long, transatlantic flight, but not everyone has time to do this between when they bought their pillow and go on their flight.

Given that many people are working from home, we highly encourage you to take this time to train with our pillow at home while you send emails from your couch or work from bed. After training with it for a few days, your body will start to get used to the pillow and vice versa. It will help your body sit with correct posture and alignment while you work, and next time you do fly - your flight experience will be amazing!