At bullbird, we believe that travel is one of life’s true gifts. The love of travel unites humanity, teaches life skills and above all, is good for the soul.

If only the process of getting to wherever it is you might be heading wasn’t so difficult.

That’s why we engineer technical travel gear to be purposeful, portable and minimalist. We do that by combining medical science with sound design to create products that enhance the enjoyment of travel.

What we make

bullbird technical travel gear

We make technical travel gear for the minimalist traveler. We don’t think you should have to carry a truck load of stuff to travel well, therefore we combine medical science and considered design to develop products that function correctly, promote better health and ultimately make travel a little easier. In addition, all of our products are purposefully portable. 

How we got here

It all started with an idea to make a travel pillow that we would actually use while on the road for work. Those traditional life preserver travel pillows were not for us, and all the other options that we came across didn’t seem to work.

So we set out to design a technical piece of kit that aligned your spine, promoted better posture and made travel a little more comfortable. We then made it 80% smaller so it would fit in any carryon and looked discrete as you tried to zone out in-flight.

Our flight path started in 2015 with kickstarter and then indiegogo where we raised $381,635.

We then signed a licensing deal with Brookstone before going out on our own in 2018.

In 2019 we launched a new and improved travel pillow - that was the result of customer feedback from travelers all over the world.

And now, in 2020 we have added a new product to our travel arsenal - the bullbird Travel Cap. A cross functional design that combines the style of a baseball cap with the utility of a sleep mask. 

Where we live

We’re a proud Colorado Company with our headquarters in Boulder, CO. All of our design and engineering is done right here at home in the USA, and we produce around the world using the most ethically sourced materials and suppliers. We also have warehouses in Nevada and Georgia.