A Travel Pillow Designed By Science

Arrive rested & refreshed by improving your posture

The Science of Sleep 

While Traveling
Supportive Frame
A re-engineered frame and softer bottom cushioning keeps your spine perfectly aligned and supports your head and neck. Offering you better sleep quality, alleviating headaches, and allowing you to travel pain-free.
Tri-Blend Memory Foam
Our new tri-blend memory foam was made for enhanced comfort. Designed with a high-performance cooling material, our Travel Pillow allows for optimal air flow.
Compact Design
80% smaller than traditional travel pillows, our minimalist design is lightweight and easy to attach to your carry-on luggage. It only weighs 6.2oz. This Travel Neck Pillow comes with a microfiber carrying bag and a clip-on carabiner
New Strap System
Quickly and easily adjust your Travel Pillow to the perfect fit with our intuitive strap system.
Designed by medical engineers, the chiropractor-approved Commuter Travel Pillow uses the latest science to you can experience just how comfortable traveling can be.
Nearly 83% of travelers experience headache, neck pain, or shoulder pain after sleeping on their flight. Align your spin and increase blood flow to avoid the most common travel discomforts.
Our Travel Pillows are made using aviation-grade materials. We'll replace or refund your purchase forever should it suffer from any material or workmanship issues.