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  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
  • bullbird travel pillow best
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The BR2 Travel Pillow

Regular price $59.99 USD
Regular price Sale price $59.99 USD

The BR2 Travel Pillow by bullbird is designed with your health and comfort in mind. Rest easier while you travel with this minimalist design that's easy to carry on a flight or a road trip. Our pillow has been featured in WIRED, Travel+Leisure, Men's Journal, and is trusted by thousands of travelers all over the world!

This pillow is built to align your spine and promote a healthy posture. At 6.5 oz it fits nicely in a carry-on bag or pack. 

What people are saying about the bullbird Travel Pillow:

"Game changer if you need to sleep sitting up."

"The BR2 is a must for business travel….compact, ergonomic, and best of all, no fuss."

"I travel all the time for work and just had the most relaxing flight ever!"

Rest easier with our ergonomic travel pillow so you can hit the ground running when you reach your destination. 


    • Dimensions: 171 x 120 x 124mm

    • One-size-fits-most (built to fit 90% of adults)

    • Designed for planes, trains, buses, and at home

    • High-performance moisture-wicking, grease-resistant fabrics

    • Hand-washable

    • Weight: 6.5oz

    U.S. Pat Nos. D778,086: 9,615,682 & other patents pending.


    •  Travel Pillow With New Integrated Strap System

    •  Microfiber Carrying Pouch

    •  Clip-on Carabiner

    •  Lifetime Guarantee

    •  30-Day Return Policy

    Trucker Snapback with integrated sleep mask - GRY

    •  57cm One Size Fits All

    • Snapback Clasp

    •  Organic Cotton Blend Sleep Mask

    •  100% Cotton Front, 100% Polyester Back

    •  Curved Brim


    •  Free Standard USPS Shipping USA Only. 

    • Orders Ship Monday - Friday (excluding federal holidays). 

    •  Orders placed by 2 PM EST on business days will ship same day. Orders placed after 3 PM EST on business days or weekends, will ship next business day.  

    • How does the Travel Pillow by Bullbird work?

      The bullbird Travel Pillow is redesigned to align your spine and promote healthy posture. It works by placing the rests' sides between your neck and lying back against a headrest, the force of your neck against the neck pillow and the neck pillow against a seat back keeps the Neck Pillow in place.

      The Travel Pillow functions by supporting your occiput against your trapezius, which keeps your C1-C7 vertebrae in correct alignment as you rest, read, and relax. Unlike most neck pillows that use beads or foam and collapse over time, the bullbird is engineered to retain it’s integrity, whilst allowing the tri-blend memory foam to conform to your head shape.

      Check out our quick start guide for how to use 

    • Are there different sizes for the Travel Pillow?

      The bullbird Travel Pillow is designed using bio-metric data to suit 90% of the adult population. That means, unless you are an outlier, it should work for you.

      The bullbird Travel Pillow may not be the best fit for you:

      If you love folding up your pillow and using it on your side or the tray table in front of you.
      If you are so tall that the back of your head does not come in contact with the head rest of most seats.

    Designed by medical engineers to align your spine.

    The BR2's engineered frame supports your skull and aligns your neck - eliminating travel pains (during & after the fact).

    And it's 80% smaller than traditional travel pillows, making it the perfect travel mate.

    The bullbird Travel Pillow's tri-blend memory foam provides comfort while supporting your C1 - C7 vertebrae allowing you to rest upright correctly.

    When you rest upright incorrectly, your neck is pulling on the muscles and tendons responsible for head and neck control. It's also negatively impacting your spine's alignment and your overall posture.

    The solution to correct upright sleeping is the Travel Pillow by bullbird. It provides correct upright sleeping posture and alignment, and lessens the stresses of travel on the body.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 56 reviews
    Ann Papale
    Saved by This Neck Rest

    I haven’t tried my bull bird on a flight but love it when sitting in our house viewing movies! Amazingly comfortable and supportive. Deserves every star.

    beaney berlinsky

    Still awaiting delivery. However, as one of your original backers I can say these pillows have changed my life. I sleep 365 nights a year with one. They are also great for supporting sleeping hips for someone with a bad back and neck. They're also great behind the knees. These should also be marketed as an orthopaedic aid. What is it, 5-6 years since your first launch?... youve changed my life. Thankyou❤️

    Kevin Chai
    Bought the pillow for myself, my wife and friends

    My wife and friends have been enjoying the pillow on our road trips. Due to the pandemic, we haven’t been flying anywhere but everyone has been enjoying its usage. Well not me yet, since I’m the one driving. 😋

    jobb mallo
    Great product.

    Better than expected. Replaced antiquated neck pillow with it. Even bought as gifts because I loved it so much.

    Kevin Van Dorn
    Best Travel Pillow Out there

    I recently purchased this travel pillow and I absolutely love it! It's very comfortable and discrete