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Commuter Travel Pillow by Bullbird

Designed by medical practitioners to ergonomically align your spine. Discover better comfort and rest while travelling.

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The chiropractor-approved Commuter Travel Pillow keeps your spine perfectly aligned and your head comfortably supported to offer you better sleep quality, alleviate headaches, and allow you to travel pain-free. Experience just how comfortable traveling can be with the breakthrough travel pillow developed by medical engineers.


C1-C7 vertebrae alignment

New Tri-Blend Memory Foam

Re-engineered Suspension Frame

Occiput Support

New Strap System

Designed to fit 90% of Adults

Hand Washable

Suitable for use on planes, trains, buses, outdoor and in-home

Lifetime Guarantee

30 Day return policy 


Weight: 6.2oz

Comes with a microfiber carrying bag & clip on carabiner

100% Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly Packaging

U.S. Pat Nos. D778,086: 9,615,682 & other patents pending


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Our Guarantee

Our Guarantee

100% Guaranteed Travel Comfort

If you don't feel completely comfortable with our product, please drop us a line and we will make it right.

30-Day Trial Period

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Better Posture

Designed by
Medical Engineers


Memory Foam

Minimal Design

Hand Washable

Goodbye Traditional Neck Pillows

Traditional travel pillows are bulky and uncomfortable, and often leading to a stiff or sore neck.The Bullbird Commuter Travel Pillow is the perfect pillow for those who are looking for better support and comfort when traveling. It's ergonomically designed to align your spine and promote better posture, which can help you get a better sleep while traveling.

  • "This ergonomic option from Bullbird has caught our attention because of its compact size and high tech design."

  • "I wasn't able to sleep on airplanes until I bought this chiropractor-approved neck pillow."

  • "This pillow promotes healthy posture during those times when catching some Z's while sitting upright is inevitable."

Supportive Design

The Commuter Travel Pillow is a travel pillow that allows you to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling great. Our ergonomic design aligns your spine for better posture, helping you get the rest you need. The secret is our patented design which keeps your head in place, reducing neck strain and promoting better sleep.

Compact and portable

Our minimalist design is lightweight and compact, perfect for those who want to save space on their carry-on luggage. It simply attaches to your luggage without taking up any extra room. Weighing only 6.2oz, it comes with a microfiber carrying bag and a clip-on carabiner for easy portability.

Arrive Feeling Refreshed

The Travel Pillow is a unique innovation in the travel industry. It was developed by medical engineers who understand the importance of comfort and rest while traveling. The pillow's design keeps your neck pain-free and helps prevents fatigue, so you can feel refreshed when you reach your destination.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 185 reviews
Greg Peeler
Not sure if it’s meant for tall people

I’ll try it again on my next leg of the trip back across the Atlantic, but being a taller person the airplane headrest cannot be relied on for additional support. The bull bird tended to slip off frequently/ not support adequately

Mike M.
Great Concept, Portability and Quality

The Bullbird Travel Pillow is compact, relatively light weight and packable. Manufacturing quality seems to be high. I used the manufacturer's recommendation to acclimate myself to using the pillow by starting out with short periods of use before I took the pillow on an airline flight which is its intended use. The pillow does seem to take a bit of getting used to and does support one's head and neck as designed, however, I share the observations of other reviewers in that it seems the pillow might be a bit narrow for people with larger diameter neck measurements. It was more comfortable than other travel pillows I have tried, but it did feel as if the opening where the neck fits between the side support sections was a bit too narrow. I think that having a larger size available with a wider neck opening might improve comfort for people who might not be a fit for the existing size pillow. I'll keep using the one that I have as it does work better than other similar products, but I do feel that there's room for improvement.

Peter Botteas
Neck survived international flight

Used for much of international flight. Neck much the better for it.

Not for anyone who has a thick/big neck

I think the Bullbird travel pillow is designed for the skinny guy, just like shirts that only show S/M/L/XL as the size. I have a large neck (18 in collar size), and this doesn't fit like it does on the skinny dude in the video. I have to exert some pressure just so my neck will hit the inside of the pillow, otherwise my neck just rests on the outer wings. It is very well ventilated, with the giant hole in the center, which is a huge pro. Still, I'm considering returning.


Very pleased. Helped me sleep comfortably on flights. No more stiff neck :-)