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Commuter Travel Pillow by Bullbird

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The chiropractor-approved Commuter Travel Pillow keeps your spine perfectly aligned and your head comfortably supported to offer you better sleep quality, alleviate headaches, and allow you to travel pain-free. Experience just how comfortable traveling can be with the breakthrough travel pillow developed by medical engineers.


C1-C7 vertebrae alignment

New Tri-Blend Memory Foam

Re-engineered Suspension Frame

Occiput Support

New Strap System

Designed to fit 90% of Adults

Hand Washable

Suitable for use on planes, trains, buses, outdoor and in-home

Lifetime Guarantee

30 Day return policy 


Weight: 6.2oz

Comes with a microfiber carrying bad & clip on carabiner

100% Biodegradable Environmentally Friendly Packaging

U.S. Pat Nos. D778,086: 9,615,682 & other patents pending


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  • "This ergonomic option from Bullbird has caught our attention because of its compact size and high tech design."

  • "I wasn't able to sleep on airplanes until I bought this chiropractor-approved neck pillow."

  • "This pillow promotes healthy posture during those times when catching some Z's while sitting upright is inevitable."

Travel with the all new Travel Commuter Travel Pillow vs. without

Sleeping upright compromises your cervical spine and neck muscles. It leads to poor alignment and restricts blood flow to the brain. 

If you suffer from headaches or neck pain when you travel, the Commuter Travel Pillow is your new best friend. It promotes better  posture, alignment and travel wellness. 


The all-new Commuter Travel Pillow has been completely reimagined with tri-blend memory foam and high-performance cooling material for enhanced comfort and alignment.


A re-engineered frame and softer bottom cushioning provide a seamless fit and superior posture support — alleviating headaches and ensuring proper blood flow. 


Chiropractor-recommended, our newest travel pillow is protected by a lifetime performance guarantee and can be tested during a 30-day risk-free trial.

Customer Reviews

Based on 135 reviews
Matt Anderson

Worked great for me

Becca W
Perfect Travel Pillow

So lightweight & compact! Love how it supports my head without the bulk of popular neck pillows!

Colin S
Comfortbale travel pillow

Super comfortable! I don't only use it for traveling, it is durable but is extremely comfortable at the same time This is the best travel pillow I've purchased.

Jason christensen
travel neck support

not only help support my neck during flight, but improved how my neck felt prior to flight. Highly recommend!

Abraham D.
Game Changing Travel Pillow

The size and capabilities if this small pillow will change the way you travel. My neck is thankful.