BR1 - The Travel Pillow Re-Invented


We have re-engineered the travel pillow for better performance. Our patented ergonomic design performs better than any other travel pillow. Period.

80% smaller than traditional travel pillows. The world’s smallest pillow is designed to fit into any carry-on.

Our proprietary tri-blend memory foam, is designed to support your skull like a mattress. Unlike other travel pillows, it provides long lasting comfort.

Designed by medical engineers to correctly align your vertebrae as you sleep. Better posture and alignment, means better rest.

Medically engineered using bio-mechanical data for both men and women. One-size-fits-most.

Our signature frame creates a large opening at the back of the product and in turn provides airflow to the back of the neck.

Each product comes with its very own microfiber carrying pouch, and carabiner so you can easily clip your pillow to the outside of your bag.

We wanted to sleep comfortably in flight, but didn’t want to look ridiculous. So we re-engineered the travel pillow. Ergonomically designed for better alignment, small enough to fit into any carry-on, and sleek enough to travel confidently.



The BR1 doesn’t function like a traditional travel pillow. Traditional pillows provide cushion by using foam or beads. This means, that after prolonged use, the pillow collapses and needs to be re-aligned. The BR1 is different. It functions by actively supporting the occiput (skull) against your trapezius (shoulders). This allows the product to support the vertebrae C1-C7 in correct alignment as you sleep. Think of it as a memory foam mattress for your skull.


One-size-fits-most (built to fit 85% of adults)

Designed for planes, trains, buses, and home


Weight: 6.8oz. 193g.

Dimensions: 183x121x127mm.


Engineered travel pillow

Microfiber pouch

Utility carabiner

Carabiner loop

Travel dignity

U.S. Pat. Nos. D778,086; 9,615,682, & other patents pending.