• "This pillow promotes healthy posture during those times when catching some Z’s while sitting upright is inevitable."

  • "This ergonomic option from Bullbird has caught our attention because of its compact size and high tech design."

  • "I wasn't able to sleep on airplanes until I bought this chiropractor-approved neck pillow."

Commuter Travel Pillow by BullbirdCommuter Travel Pillow by Bullbird
bullbird travel gear hat pillowTravel Cap with Integrated Sleep Mask
  • "A Must Have For Business Travelers."

  • "The neck brace from heaven! Like a memory foam mattress for your skull!"

  • "Clever and Compact. We'll be taking it on the road with us."

  • "Most airplane travel pillows look like an inflatable horseshoe that goes around your neck. Bullbird's Travel Rest is a little different."

  • "Uncomfortable seating positions often result in minimal rest. But the Bullbird Travel Pillow is designed to change that."

  • "The compact travel pillow that properly supports your head and neck with a contoured frame and memory foam padding."

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