Engineered For Travel

Ergonomically designed for better alignment, small enough to fit in any carry-on, and sleek enough to travel confidently.


As Featured In

"The neck brace from heaven! Like a memory foam mattress for your skull!"

"A Must Have For Business Travelers."

"Clever and Compact. We'll be taking it on the road with us this summer"

Meet the bullbird BR2 Travel Rest

A performance engineered travel rest designed for your spine.

  • Better Alignment

    Designed by medical engineers to correctly align your vertebrae as you sleep. Better posture, means better rest. 

  • Stow + Go

    80% smaller than traditional travel pillows. Built to fit in any sized backpack or carry-on. 

  • Memory Foam

    Engineered tri-blend memory foam. It's like a memory foam mattress for your skull. 

  • + - Recline

    Our patented Quick-Flip System allows you to control your flying position. In an economy seat.

Hands Free Confidence

Without looking ridiculous.

Why choose the bR2 travel rest?

Cooling + Support

Most travel pillows suffocate the neck. The BR2's open suspension frame offers superior ergonomic support with natural airflow cooling. 

Anytime. Anywhere

Designed for anytime you want to rest whilst seated. From airplanes, trains, cars, or at home gaming, the BR2 excels wherever you're sitting. 

Carry-on Compatible

80% smaller than the average travel pillow, the BR2 is built small to fit in any backpack or carry-on. 

Smart Carrying

No room in your carry-on? No big deal, clip it onto your bag with our custom carabiner and carrying pouch.

Airline Seat Integration

Our unique patented design allows for in-flight posture adjustment…in an economy seat. 

Moisture Wicking Material

We source high performance 4-way stretch fabrics that are hand washable and designed to wick away moisture. 

Lifetime Guarantee

All bullbird products are engineered to withstand a lifetime of travel. We devote countless hours of research and development to our engineering, to make sure that no matter how many hours you spend wheels up, that our products will be there for the journey.

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