Best Airplane Travel Pillow

Ergonomically designed for better alignment, small enough to fit into any carry-on, and sleek enough to travel confidently.

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"Most airplane travel pillows look like an inflatable horseshoe that goes around your neck. Bullbird's Travel Rest is a little different."

"The neck brace from heaven! Like a memory foam mattress for your skull!"

"Uncomfortable seating positions often result in minimal rest. But the BR2 Travel Pillow is designed to change that."

Meet The BR2 Travel Pillow

In-flight alignment for your spine.

  • Better Alignment

    Designed by medical engineers to correctly align your spine.

  • Bio-mechanic Design

    We used natural bio-mechanics to engineer a pillow that's 80% smaller. 

  • Airline Seat Integration

    In-flight posture adjustment in an economy seat. 

  • Engineered Frame

    Our engineered frame supports your skull + aligns your neck. 

Middle Seat Comfort

Increase the comfort level of your seat without upgrading to first class.

What Our customers Say:

"I took a chance on this pillow instead of my first choice which was one of the horseshoe pillows you can get at a store. I’m glad I did. I tested this baby out on a flight from Atlanta to Phoenix and it was great."

– R.M.

"Not bulky but affective. I usually can’t sleep on planes but travel A LOT. I also travel light. BR2 was just right."

– Phillip

Lifetime Guarantee

The BR2 is engineered to withstand a lifetime of travel and comes with a 30-day trial! 

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"A Must Have For Business Travelers."

"The contoured frame and memory foam padding support the head and neck without all of the bulk you find in normal travel pillows."

"Clever and Compact. We'll be taking it on the road with us."