Technical Travel Gear

Ergonomically designed to promote better posture and alignment


Go Anywhere

We design our products to make travel easier and more enjoyable


Designer Function

Designed to help you rest anywhere, anytime.


As Featured In

"This pillow promotes healthy posture during those times when catching some Z’s while sitting upright is inevitable."

"This ergonomic option from Bullbird has caught our attention because of its compact size and high tech design. "

"I wasn't able to sleep on airplanes until I bought this chiropractor-approved neck pillow."

Meet bullbird gear

Travel Pillow

Ergonomically designed for better posture and alignment.

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Travel Caps

Not your ordinary hat. Relax anywhere, anytime.

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Purposefully Portable

Our Neck Pillow is 80% smaller than traditional travel pillows and our Caps feature an integrated sleep-mask making relaxation easy anywhere, anytime.

What travelers Say:

"As a flight attendant, I am traveling often! I have been VERY happy with my purchase. It is small enough that it doesn’t take up very much room in my bag, so that’s nice. And it is very comfortable to use and keeps my neck in line."

– Hayley on Travel Pillow

"I took a chance on this pillow instead of my first choice which was one of the horseshoe pillows you can get at a store. I’m glad I did. I tested this baby out on a flight from Atlanta to Phoenix and it was great."

– R.M. on Travel Pillow

"I was pleasantly surprised with the hat and the functionality. I thought it wouldn't fit right as 'just a hat' but it was great! I used it on a recent trip to AZ and found it really convenient. Definitely recommend."

– Luke on Travel Cap

"I can't believe I've never seen this before. It's genius. A sleep mask that flips out of a hat. And it's a stylish hat too. I used it to rest on my bus commute home from work last night and it worked great. It doesn't let in any light."

– J. on Travel Cap

Commuter Friendly

We believe that you shouldn’t have to carry truckloads of stuff to rest easier.

Also Featured In

"A Must Have For Business Travelers."

"The neck brace from heaven! Like a memory foam mattress for your skull!"

"Clever and Compact. We'll be taking it on the road with us."

"Most airplane travel pillows look like an inflatable horseshoe that goes around your neck. Bullbird's Travel Rest is a little different."

"Uncomfortable seating positions often result in minimal rest. But the Bullbird Travel Pillow is designed to change that."

"The compact travel pillow that properly supports your head and neck with a contoured frame and memory foam padding."

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