If you’re anything like us, you love to travel but hate the process of getting there. From endless delays and overbooked flights to increasing fees and shrinking seats.

Flying has become a total pain.

So we set out to engineer a product that made travel healthier for you, whether heading to the beach or the boardroom.

The Solution To Travel Pains

We partnered with medical product engineers, chiropractors, and even world-class athletes to ensure that our product performed.

The culmination of these efforts resulted in our first iteration called the BullRest.

Launched on Kickstarter with total funding of $168,585 in 2015 and then on IndieGogo for total funding of $381,635 in 2016. 

In addition to surpassing our crowdfunding goals, we most importantly found out that, like us, other people were feeling similar pains of travel and looking for a solution to help ease them. 

With the BullRest, we received constructive criticism from our backers on issues like shape, fit, and a lack of travel features.

The feedback told us how our product worked great at home, but not on airline seats. How it didn't fit great. And how a few people didn't enjoy the pleasure of picking the BullRest up off the floor.

The BR2 Travel Pillow

In late 2018, we launched an updated version of the BullRest called the BR2.

We re-engineered the frame to give it more suspension. We totally re-designed the ergonomics to give you a choice of flying position. We revisited the memory foam to make it softer and more comfortable. We streamlined the profile to make it fit more people. And we developed an integrated strap system to keep it in place.

Engineered for better comfort, convenience, and performance, here are some of the new features in the BR2:


Then in November 2019, we released a new version of the BR2 Travel Pillow that features an improved strap system with an adjustable toggle that allows travelers to regulate how tightly the Travel Pillow stays against the back of their neck.  


While we can't make the security lines shorter or boarding process easier, we can make your in-flight experience much more comfortable.

Each BR2 comes with Free U.S. 2-Day Shipping and a 30-Day Refund Policy allowing you to try it out on your next flight. If you're not completely satisfied with it, then feel free to return it within the 30-day period, no questions asked.