Get Fit for Flight: Instructions for the bullbird Posture+ Neck Rest 

The bullbird Posture+ Neck Rest isn't like your traditional U-Shape Travel Pillow, or even your pillow at home. Our device is engineered using medical science to improve the alignment of your cervical spine. 

And just like other devices designed to improve your posture such as footbeds for your feet, a standing desk, or physiotherapy, your body needs significant time, dedication and rest to adjust to a new and improved ergonomic position. 

The same applies for new users of our Posture+ Neck Rest. Most of us spend a great deal of time seated or slouched, which compromises our spine and posture. Meaning users literally have to undo years of poor posture, before getting comfortable with their new seated position. That can mean for many users, that the first few times you use our product, may mean you experience some discomfort as your body realigns your cervical spine. 

In other words, you shouldn't expect our product to feel soft and plush, particularly straight away. We suggest taking the time to get used to your new device at home before you travel. Here are some steps that our chiropractors and medical engineers recommend. We call it getting 'flight fit': 



Step by Step Guide

Follow the steps below to work through the break-in period so you can feel aligned and comfortable during your flight:

  1. Find a comfortable high back chair at home like an office chair or couch.
  2. Hold the Posture+ Neck Rest with both hands and place the device beneath the occiput bone protrusions directly behind your ears. Place the device snug against your neck and sit up right lengthening your spine. An easy way to do this is to feel like you are pulling back your shoulder blades and lifting your chin.
  3. When upright simply recline into the chair or couch, so you are leaning backwards and the chair behind you helps to hold the product in place.
  4. Please DO NOT use the strap to tighten or hold the device to your neck. The strap is not intended for this purpose. If you are using the strap to hold the pillow in place, then you are doing it wrong ;) When used correctly, the seat back along with your head and shoulders will hold the product in place. 
  5. Start using your Posture+ Neck Rest at home while reading or watching television. Start with use for 5 min increments. (Be aware of your posture when seated, and avoid scenarios that compromise your cervical spine such as rounded shoulders or your head bobbing forward)
  6. Gradually increase the time before you travel to retrain your body for better posture and positioning. We recommend increasing gradually in 5-10 minute increments until you find comfort for an extended period of time. Feel free to re-align or stretch for comfort during the break in period.