We exist to make better performing travel products. That’s why we use biometric data, medical engineering and ergonomics in the design of our products. Here’s how.

Almost all other travel pillows are an iteration on the U shape device that was invented in the 1950s. That device was designed to provide cushioning in much the same way a pillow did at home. The issue for us however is that this device actually is worse for your cervical spine than using noting at all. The foam or beads used in these pillows, including those at the top end of the price range, collapses during use thus compromising the alignment of your cervical spine. 

With good posture your C1-C7 is meant to be in alignment with the rest of your spine. That alignment allows for the best blood circulation throughout the body, thus reducing the risk of travel related issues such as swollen feet, hands and even deep view thrombosis. Furthermore, despite aircraft cabins being pressurized, the altitude effectively puts you at 8000+ feet above sea level meaning there is 26.4% less oxygen in the air than at sea level. This reduction in oxygen increases your heart rate, fastens your breathing, thickens your blood and reduces sleep. All this, combined with a compromised sleeping position, further reduces blood-flow to the brain is why so many of us experience headaches when attempting to sleep on planes. 

Furthermore, misalignment of your cervical spine due to a compromised posture  places incredible stress not just on your cervical spine, but the 6 Intervertebral discs discs in your neck, the 26 muscles in your neck and the numerous tendons, ligaments and joints housed in the neck region. Poor posture over a period of time is the number one cause related to the breakdown of the fibrocartilage between the vertebrae in the spinal column. 

Therefore our engineers at our lab in Carlsbad California set out to completely redesign a products that had seen little innovation in some 70 years. We started with an extensive research project that inputted thousands of data points across the category. Everything from body shapes, ergonomics, sizing, gender, ethnicity and posture was studied and combined with subjects using travel pillows from brands such as Cabeau, Go Travel, Cloudz and Trtl. We then tested across multiple airline seats including those from United, American, JetBlue and Spirit. 

All those data points were distilled and reviewed by our medical team with the view to engineer a product that was infinitely smaller, more efficient and better for you. After years of testing and review, our engineers landed on a version that supported the weight of your occiput (Ave. 11lbs) against one of the largest muscles in the back (your trapezius). We found through research with chiropractors that this effectively promoted the best natural posture as it removed misalignment between smaller muscle groups and poor biomechanics. 

Since our first version back in 2015, tens of thousands of customers have provided us great feedback to help us improve and enhance our products. Some of those customers include notable athletes , sports teams and medical practitioners.

Little did we know when we set out to engineer a better performing travel pillow, that our products would like at the intersection of travel wellness and sports science. Sports and the science of sleep have become intertwined with many elite athletes now looking to sleep as the secret weapon to enhance performance. Particularly NBA, NHL and NBL teams that play over 150 games per season and thus spend a great deal of their down time traveling. The difference between winning and losing can literally be traced to how well an athlete recovers during that travel time. That’s why we have been intimately involved with the Toronto Blue Jays, Tampa Bay Rays and other notable teams and athletes in helping to develop our products.

Another side benefit to the Posture+ was that it has become a desired piece of equipment for action sports athletes. For those that put extreme pressure on their spine during competition such as racing drivers, skiers, skateboarders and BMX, have found relief and posture correcting benefits by using our Pillows. It’s why we are a partner of the ESPN X Games and athletes are incorporating bullbird as one of their important equipment and recovery choices.