Sports Science


Our unique design process begins at the core of the travel issue we are trying to address. From there we design from the inside out. Or in other words, we put the user at the heart of everything we do. That means when we engineer our equipment, we design around specific ergonomic properties and use medically approved biometric data to ensure that our products are not only the most comfortable, but they work in complete harmony with human bio-mechanics.



The synchronization between user and equipment is paramount in any sport. It's now common place to spend hours getting custom fit for a pair of orthotics, or your new bike setup, yet when it comes to travel, we all just suffer through. It's why so many of the world's leading action sports athletes are turning to bullbird travel gear as a means to get better rest and recovery on the road.  



It's no secret that the next frontier of sports improvement is in the field of rest and recovery. Athlete diets, training methods and techniques have reached levels where the gain over a competitor is marginal, however the frontier of sleep is a relatively new playing field. We all know that more rest leads to improved performance, but for elite athletes who spend so much time on the road, how indeed do they make this 'dead-time' a competitive advantage. It's why we are working directly with teams like the Toronto Blue Jays to figure out how to get their players to get better recovery on the road. Bullbird equipment allows athletes to get more rest during their travels, arrive fresher, and ultimately, perform better.



We are super excited and proud to work with some of the world's leading medical associations such as the CCA (Chiropractors Association Australia), and numerous leading chiropractors, physiotherapists and sports medicine experts across the country. Their input allows us to continue to improve and enhance our award winning products. 



We at bullbird are extremely proud of our partnership with the ESPN X Games. As an official athlete sponsor and gift, we help active sports athletes recover quicker and perform better on the biggest stage in action sports.