Best Meditation Sleep Apps For Napping On An Airplane

Best Meditation Sleep Apps For Napping On An Airplane

Meditation Sleep Apps are all the rage these days and as a firm believer in what they're preaching, I can say with the utmost positivity that this lullaby, sleepy time guided meditations will have you snoozing like a newborn in just about any seat on an airplane (even the middle one).

Inside a noisy airplane cabin, meditation sleep apps are making it possible to sleep upright without much else except for a few yawns, and great upright posture and neck support

The problems with choosing one, arise when you learn that there are a whole plethora of meditation sleep apps for your sleep aided pleasure, which makes choosing one problematic. Then there's the question of free vs. paid apps or paid apps with some free episodes.

Here are our top picks for meditation sleeps apps for long flights

#1 Slumber App

The Slumber App is only available on the Apple Store reserving it as an iPhone and iPad only app. If you're an Android user, then go ahead and scroll down to our number two selection. 

Despite Slumber App's lack of availability on non-Apple devices, it is our favorite pick for a few different reasons. 

After you download and sign up for the app, but before you pay for a subscription, you receive 8 Free Episodes. Of those 8 freebies, we highly recommend trying out the Sleep Meditation called "The Deep Dive" for all of your sleeping upright on a flight needs.  

We also love the fact that you can listen to these free episodes on a flight without needing a wifi connection. To listen without wifi all you need to do is play the episode in its entirety on a wifi connection before you get on the plane, then the app will automatically load the episode onto your phone and you will be able to access it while you're at cruising altitude. 

If you do decide that you're not as in love with the free episodes as us, then a subscription for the premium version is only $3.33 per month or $39.99 per year

#2 Calm 

Unlike Slumber, Calm is available for Android and Apple users alike. It features a 7-day trial and is slam packed with an ungodly amount of content.

Not only does it feature guided meditations that will get you to sleep well in an upright position on a plane for who knows how long, but it also can help to destress you when you're sitting on the tarmac for far too long. 

The cost of Calm after your 7-day free trial expires is as follows: 

  1. $12.99 per month
  2. $59.99 per year
  3. $299.99 for a lifetime subscription

Calm is also spectacular in the sense that the paid version gives you the opportunity to let Matthew McConaughey lull you to sleep. If you thought those Lincoln Car commercials were sleek, wait until you hear him on a guided meditation podcast. 

#3 Noisli

Our last pick of this list is less of a meditation app and more of a noise machine crossed with a DJ app.

Noisli lets you choose from a bunch of different tracks, (think rain, thunder, wind, forest sounds) and mix them together to create your perfect soundtrack for your flight. It's a great option if the idea of Matthew McConaughey's voice makes you want to vomit and deep-diving visual meditation just doesn't do it for you.

Noisli is free on desktop, but also available for $2 on iPhone and Android