Get Ready To Fly: The BR2 Travel Pillow Quick Start Guide

Get Ready To Fly: The BR2 Travel Pillow Quick Start Guide

Like high-end hiking boots, not all pieces of equipment are set up for comfort out of the box. In fact, the most useful and long-lasting tools, often require a break in period. 

While most people can use the BR2 Travel Pillow right out of the terminal without feeling discomfort, a small number of people find that the BR2 takes a little training to get used to. Everyone is built differently and the BR2's tri-blend memory foam needs time to conform to people's posture, spinal alignments, and neck lengths.

Furthermore, there are other factors that may determine the level of initial comforts such as a user’s range of cervical lordosis, muscle flexibility, and spacing between a person's vertebrae.

Like a mattress, we all have different preferred sleeping preferences. The same goes for resting upright and our individual preferences or sensitivities surrounding the neck, shoulders and head area.

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Start Out With Short Uses and Gradually Add Time

Follow the steps to work through the break-in period so you can feel aligned and comfortable during your flight without actively feeling the spinal and posture corrections in real-time at 30,000 feet: 

1. Test your BR2 Travel Pillow in your house. Put the pillow behind your neck and sit back against a chair with a high back or on your back on the floor. Try sitting for 5 minutes with the pillow, notice how your neck and back feel? Many people feel a sense of being straightened. If not, then follow steps 2 and 3.

2. Each day try sitting with the BR2 for a few more minutes than the day before. Depending on your own posture, old injuries, or overall health, you'll need to figure out how long to sit with the pillow each day before you feel comfortable enough to use it on a flight. Try it out for 5-minutes a day and work up in increments of 1-minute to 10-minutes per day.

3. Take the BR2 on a flight. If the BR2 makes your neck feel sore during flight, then take a break from it and come back to using it at a later time. All of our BR2 Travel Pillows come with a 30-day trial. If you have used the above to train your body and still find that it is uncomfortable then feel free to return it for a full refund.