Hands Free Confidence With The BR2's Integrated Strap System

Hands Free Confidence With The BR2's Integrated Strap System

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When we set out to make travel as comfortable as a beach vacation in Bali or a ski-in-ski-out Chateau in Whistler, we had our medical engineers focus their time on designing a travel pillow that simply didn't suck. 

Instead of just stuffing a U-shaped sleeve with memory foam or beads, we did our homework and built a travel pillow that works as well as it looks. 

While we got a lot right with our first version, the BullRest, we missed some things. Some of it, we could have predicted, but other things... well not so much. 

A great example of one of those less predictable features was the integrated strap system that we released with the new BR2. It makes a whole lot of sense now, but hind sight's always 20/20, right? 


Imagine you're sleeping deeply on your flight from San Francisco to Tokyo on your way to Vietnam. Wham! You're jolted awake by some turbulence and you jerk forward out of habit. In doing so, your BR2 Travel Pillow by bullbird falls down your back at an angle, hits the armrest and falls onto the floor. You pick it back up, go to put it back against your neck, stop, think of the number of germs on this flight, and tuck the BR2 back into your carry-on. 

While we're not sure this particular experience on this specific flight ever happened to anyone, we do know that something pretty similar occurred to a couple of our early adopters. 

So we fixed it.

In addition, to re-engineering the frame to give it more suspension, re-designing the ergonomics to give you a choice of flying position, revisiting the memory foam to make it softer and more comfortable, and streamlining the profile to make it fit more people, we, ALSO, developed an integrated strap system to keep it in place.

Have further questions about our BR2 Travel Pillow? Send them to info@bullbirdgear.com!