Power Hours

Power Hours

Have an hour to kill on the road? We break it down into practical tips and things to do. The BullRest Travel log is a blog that actually offers practical tips and activities that you can feasibly do whilst away from home. So, if you’re the type of traveler than has 3 months to immerse themselves in learning a new language on location, or has $10K to blow on that super luxe villa in Tuscany, then this perhaps isn’t the blog for you.

For most of us, the majority of our travel is for work. And for the modern traveler these days that means that much of the joy of travel has been stripped out. No more can you extend your trip by a couple of days and hit up that secret surf break, or hidden yoga retreat on the company dime. You’re lucky if you can cash in that drink voucher, let alone enjoy some time out on the road.

It’s more realistic to assume that you might have an hour or two before meetings, or an hour to yourself before that annoying client dinner. Well, here are a few ways you can make that hour count. They’re the real power hours where you can get out and do something for yourself. You can get that local’s cup of coffee, sample something you can’t get back home, see that unique site someone told you about, or even get a few miles in to get your sweat on. We break down our power hours into four categories – the 4 C’s:

  1. Coffee
  2. Cuisine
  3. Culture
  4. Cardio

Our journey starts on the hub of the West Coast with some of our favorites from LA. But we’re a bipartisan brand of the people, so feel free to send us what you would do with an hour in your city, and we will publish the best responses under the “Power Hour” as seen on the BullRest Travel Log.



You’ve finished that meeting with the studio in Santa Monica. They loved your pitch, and said they’d get back to you by the end of the week. You know what that means… that some agent or their assistant will call you if you’re lucky. Whilst you wait for that call, or your flight home, here are a few ways you can enjoy that hour.


Like the Hemsworth brothers, Hugh, Nicole, Cait, Rusty and many more, is it any surprise that the best of the best in Hollywood is also Australian? Probably not, as the Aussies have been perfecting their caffeine hits since the Italians arrived years back. In a town better known for it’s juice bars than coffee, there is now a bunch to choose from. But our pick of the bunch is Bronzed Aussie. No wonder Chris Hemsworth drinks there.  They also have the full selection of famous Australian Bakery goods, from meat pies to lamingtons. Hop on by and say g’day.

Address: 714a S Los Angeles St, Downtown LA, Los Angeles, CA 90014



Write ups on LA’s world class food scene are a dime a dozen. It would be easy for us to simply follow the crowd and say you should hit up Chateau Marmont and go celebrity spotting. But for most of us, you’re probably waiting for flight or nearby, thus here is a little gem that you can get to on a layover or even once you’ve checked in. Jump in a cab and hit up Akatora – a quant little sushi bar in Manhattan Beach. And as a little bonus you can grab some fresh air by the ocean before you buckle in and inhale that lovely recirculated air for the duration of your flight.

Address: 302 Rosecrans Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266



LA and culture are two words that you don’t usually see together. Not unless you’re talking movies, celebrity sightings or theme parks. We’ll have it known LA actually has some of the best museums in the country. From the incomparable Getty Center – worth it for the views alone – to the National History Museum, there is something for all tastes. But for us, if you had a spare hour then hit up the Petersen Automotive Museum. It’s a mecca for car buffs, and even if you’re not mad about cars, the Petersen has something for everyone. LA is a city built on the back of the automobile, so we feel it’s rather fitting that you can go check out everything there is about the rise of car culture in SoCal, to Tim Burton’s Batmobile, or even just go to drool over that supercar you’ll never own. Speaking of they have an exhibit on the 70 years of Ferrari right now. Just saying.

Ph: +1-323-930-2277
Address: 6060 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036


LA baby. Get that suit off, lace up some runners and pound the pavement from Santa Monica down to Venice Beach. Go as fast and as far as you can manage, but don’t lose focus of the real “sites” on the way. No matter the time of day, a run along LA’s famous boulevard is a sight to behold. Oh, and you might just get some ocean air and a workout in on the way.

BullRest Staff Writer - BullDog1