Designed For Your Spine

The BR2 doesn’t function like a traditional travel pillow. The BR2 works by supporting the occiput (skull) against your trapezius (shoulders). The patented ergonomic design allows the product align the vertebrae (C1-C7) as you sleep. We think of it as a memory foam mattress for your skull. 

Memory Foam

Our new tri-blend memory foam, is specifically engineered to support your skull like a mattress, the bullbird BR2 provides long-lasting comfort.

strap system

Wait, so you don't want your pillow mingling with the airline floor? Fair enough. So we designed an adjustable integrated strap system to hold your pillow in place. Simply attach to the outer ring loops.

The Re-Invented Travel Rest

80% Smaller 

Built small enough to fit in your carry-on and for better portability. The result is a travel rest that is 80% smaller than traditional travel pillows.

More Recline

Select your flying position. Our patented Quick-Flip Asymmetric System allows you to choose 2 alternate flying positions. Simply place the + side down for more recline. Or place it up for a more upright position.

Lifetime guarantee

All bullbird products are engineered to withstand a lifetime of travel. We devote countless hours of research and development to our engineering, and implement industry leading quality controls to make sure that no matter how many hours you spend wheels up, that our products will be there for the journey.

Because of our commitment to making quality equipment, we will gladly refund or replace your purchase forever should it ever suffer from any workmanship issues. See details below.

To learn more about our return policy, or to initiate a return, please visit our Shipping & Returns Page.